Delurk, delurk!

I think I heard it somewhere that this is delurking week. I did actually post in few blogs to show that I go there every now and then.

But how about you? Please leave a comment if you happen to drop by. It does not have to be anything profound, just something – leave a beep!


That was not so hard was it? Now it’s your turn. Feel free to tell anything you want about yourself or maybe even use this opportunity to ask me a question. If there are any questions, I’ll do a post and answer them later.


6 responses to “Delurk, delurk!

  1. I stop by often to check in on you… don’t comment much (through no fault but my own).
    My questions:

    What’s your favorite color?

    What’s your favorite movie?

    What’s the one thing about yourself that you like the most?

  2. I also check on you alot but don’t comment nearly as much as I should. Bloglines has made me lazy.

    Oro and April asked such good questions!

    How about favorite food/recipe?

  3. Hej!
    Although delurking week is over 🙂 I post in this one as a first-timer. Am a scnadinavia infertile (wow I never described myself as that before) and have this far no questions, but will drop by and leave comments and questions then and then. I hope it is Ok also that I put a link to your blog onto mine? Take care! N

  4. Hejsan! Of course I do not mind if you link to me, I can add a link to your blog, too. It’s always nice to see someone who lives a bit closer to me.

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