I do not know my real IQ. I have just taken various online tests, where I have been scoring anything from 110 to 147. So I think the truth lies somewhere in between. I just tried two tests when thinking about writing this post, and I scored 122 on one and 140-149 on the other one (would have to pay for the actual number). So it totally depends on the test. The first one was in English, which can lower my score as it is not my native language. It also had different kinds of questions, most of which were written, not just “what is the next number in this series”. I scored the lowest points on verbal intelligence – well gee, maybe that’s why I’m not getting too many hits!

The other test was in Finnish, and it had more logical problems. I knew I would score a high number with it, as the only thing even closely resembling an official intelligence test was the one I had to take once at work, it was when I graduated and they for some reason wanted to perform tests on me. This was also a non-verbal test, just a few patterns and I had to choose which one is next. I scored very high points in it. It seemed to be a big surprise to the woman checking it. And then she said that wait, we have a bell curve for the employees of this company, as they tend to score higher than average people! Nope, the result was still the same. One point shy of the highest 2%. And I still remember that there was one pattern in the middle that I just didn’t get. I should have just skipped it and gone back at the end when I had time left. But I could not remember what it was. The last two patterns were impossible, completely impossible. All the others were easy.

But why am I writing about this? No, I do not want to boast with it. Intelligence is just that, a number. If anything it seems to make my life harder. Why? I get easily bored. I can do things in a very short time and then have nothing to do. I do not have the patience do deal with people that are slower. I get really frustrated if I have to explain something more than once or twice. Maybe it explains my lack of friends. It’s not that education necessarily means intelligence or low education means lack thereof, but there often is a connection. And now I’m living here in the middle of nowhere where the sight of a woman with a college degree is a rare one. Those with any intelligence whatsoever have moved elsewhere.

Maybe I should consider going to a real intelligence test one day. I have been thinking about it for a long time now, but I just never seem to get so far. And if I did take the test, I just might get an invite to join Mensa – well, not likely, but as long as I do not actually take the test I can think that I might get in. Maybe there I could find new friends that do not think I’m odd.


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