In my dreams

I do not usually remember my dreams when I wake up. I know that I most likely have dreams each night; I just do not remember them in the morning.

But for some reason I remember not only one but two dreams I had this weekend! It’s so weird. Of course they make no sense, but it is so odd that I remember them. In the first one I was given a large sum of money for no apparent reason, and I was worried if I could keep it. In the other one I was in the Big Brother house and I was worried that I would be voted out. And I had something going on with one of the guys – I just don’t understand why it was him, when I’m awake I prefer another housemate.

I really could use the cash. What makes this even more pathetic, I went out and bought a lottery ticket to see if I could win some money. Of course I did not. But I did not try to enter the BB house – so I’m not completely insane just yet.


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