It's in the eye

My taste in men must really be weird. Or at least it differs radically on what is often thought to be attractive. Well, I have already told you several times that I consider Clay to be extremely attractive. And I really do think that Brad Pitt is quite ugly. I can not understand what anybody sees in him.

I just recently noticed that I seem to be drawn to those men that are often seen as gay by other people, even though they say they are not. And hell, for some men even getting married to a woman does not stop the rumours! I think that in most cases you can not just look at someone and see that if he is gay or not. But apparently some people think you can tell. Well, in some cases it’s pretty obvious, but those men usually openly admit to being gay. And then there are some I would never have guessed being gay and they are.

I’m missing the point here again. So I have been thinking a lot about why I’m so attracted to men that seem a bit feminine to other (men). Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not too feminine myself. I do have all the female parts, but I like to dress in comfortable clothes, I do not spend hours in front of the mirror every morning before I can go out. I can’t even remember the last time I put on make-up! I don’t like make-up, it makes me look even older and usually does not stay good looking for more than an hour or so. And I like a hairstyle that does not need styling, just wash it and forget it. And I spend very little money on clothes. I can easily wear ten year old clothes if they have no holes. I just don’t care!

So maybe I’m looking for balance. Maybe my genes would need a tall skinny a bit feminine guy to balance my short overweight not-too-feminine genes. But there must be a reason that now that I look back I’ve been always attracted by those qualities. So how the hell did I end up with my DH???


One response to “It's in the eye

  1. I used to be like that….attracted to fem guys. Recently found out 2 that I liked in high school are in fact gay.
    I think I like fem guys because they’re generally sensitive like women. And easier to relate to.

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