I need lessons in photography

OK, OK, don’t get mad at me! The thing is that my digital camera sucks, so the pics do not look that great. And I honestly have no idea how to post pics to my blog, so we’ll see how this goes!

And after it did not really work too well, I’m just giving you the links instead. So the pics are not shown here, as they are too big. I’ll have to figure that one out sometime later.

Cake from above

Cake from the side


I really need to get a life. I really, really REALLY need to get a life. I just gave a television company 25 E so I can watch the Finnish Big Brother 24/7 live in the net. If you happen to find my life, kindly return it to my blog. Thanks. I’m starting to miss it. It has been lost since the last negative pee stick in the spring.


One response to “I need lessons in photography

  1. Cake looks like it took a lot of work. That’s what I want to preogress to, decorating cakes.
    Can’t get into Big Brother, I’m not sure what number we are up to here. Most of them are so vain and annoying.

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