I survived!! The party is happily over now. And DS was happy with the cake. It was a bitch to make, but if it was good enough for him, then it was worth it. I did take pics of it, and I just might post them one day when I get them transferred from the camera to my computer. Yes! Actual pictures! No, they will not be showing me or DS or anybody for that matter, but the will be pictures of the cake!

The lack of pictures has made me think that maybe someone does not think I’m real because I do not post any pics. But then I thought that I do not think it would be possible to fake IF. Or why would anybody even want to fake IF. I think that some people who hang around in usenet IF groups at least seem like fakes, as some of those stories are just way too unbelievable to be true. So I do not really read those groups anymore, as there seems to be few vocal people that seem to have unbelievably bad luck time after time, and then there are trolls that get too much attention.

But I do not feel comfortable in posting pics. I talk about things that most of my real life acquaints do not know about. And I like to keep it that way. This is the place where I can vent all I like. I could not write this freely if I knew that people I know are reading. But if I posted my picture that would link the online me to the real life me, and like I said in a post not too long ago, those really are two different personalities.

But I will post a pic of the cake. That I promise.


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