But… but… It was just yesterday!

Warning! This post is entirely about my son, so stop reading now if you think it will be a problem for you!

I can’t believe it has been five years already… It so seems like yesterday. But the truth is that my little baby is going to be five years old. And I never thought that he would still be without any siblings.

I can still remember it so well, that day. It was a scheduled c-section, so I was not in any pain. I do not know what they gave me, but I was really calm. They did give me something, but never told me what it was. And I remember how lying on your back was not really what I wanted to be doing when they opened me. And how DH said to me: “It’s a boy! I can see his balls!” And then they took him away because he was blue.

And now I’m soon going home from work and have to start cleaning the house for his birthday party. I have been trying to invite people (read:kids) to the party, but previously it has been proven to be a futile effort. I’m not too hopeful for too many guests, but I’m hoping at least some will come. One has said that he is coming, but I do not know about the others. So I’m assuming they are not coming. We’ll see. But the house has to be cleaned anyway. Not my favourite was of spending Friday night, as you might imagine.

And then there is the cake. This year it is supposed to be a Bionicle mask, preferably Makuta. Sure, I can easily make a cake that somewhat resembles it, but I’m afraid it will not be good enough for him. Lately he has been impossible in some things; they have to go just the way he wants them to go. One day I warmed DH’s food first and not his, so he started crying. I’m afraid it will not look exactly the way he wants it to and he will not like it and I’ll get mad and throw it out of the window and there will be no cake for his birthday. I like to try to do cakes, but I can’t do impossible things! I can try to take a picture of the cake once it’s finished (if I do not have to throw it out).

I can see he is getting excited already. He was really more than a handful yesterday, so I asked him if he is already waiting for the party, and he said yes. So it is going to be really, really long two days before the party day is here. I just hope things do not get completely out of hands!


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