It seems that now that I really do not have a life of my own I have to live through others. So I’ve gotten hooked on Big Brother. The first Finnish season has been running for some time now. So far I am only watching what is shown on TV, but I have been seriously tempted to buy time to see the net cameras. I just can’t justify spending any money on something so completely unnecessary. It would not be that much, but I’m really trying not to buy anything that is not absolutely necessary.

I do not know why I get so easily hooked on these reality shows. Well, not all of them, some I just can’t watch. Somehow the Finnish version of the Apprentice was something I just couldn’t watch. I did watch the original version, but the next seasons are shown in the middle of the night here, so I’ve decided not to watch. But I really love watching Survivor and the Amazing Race when they are showing. I mean the US versions; there are no Finnish versions of those.

So now I’m watching how things go in the Big Brother house. I have my own opinions, but it has been interesting to read what others write in the net. For example, there is one girl who is a bit round, not really much in my opinion, but I see that many are calling her ugly just because she has a bit more around her. That really hurts my feelings, and I’m sure it will hurt hers once she gets out. What do these people have instead of a brain? Or is it so that if you volunteer for a show like this you are free game for anything? Of course you will never like everyone and not everyone will ever like you, but do you really have to call someone horrible just because she does not fit in the modern ideal? And the other thing that irritates me is the talk about how he/she is gay/lesbian/bi. Come on now. If you have no proof any way, why assume those things just because someone looks “that way”? And besides, what does it matter anyway?


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