Building permissions

So I ended up in this board. So far it has been just fun, getting to know a bit how things work in the communal system. It is called the permission board (or something like that, I can’t really translate it too well), so we are giving permissions to build houses outside the city centre. Then I’ve been told that we have to deal with more difficult things, where people do not agree on something and we have to decide what to do. There has been only one of those so far (regarding whether or not you can keep several big trucks parked in a residential zone), and it’s not even over yet. These things sure seem to take a lot of time!

But that’s not why I’m writing this now. I’m writing this because in our last meeting there was a case that was not so clear. Usually these are so well prepared for us that it’s just a matter of agreeing with what has been proposed. Simple as that. This one seemed simple enough when I opened the envelope and read through, but it proved out not to be. I had heard that people have contacted members of this board to further their cases before, but I never thought that I would be. But one day my phone rang, and there was this woman calling me about their permission, which was one of the issues on our agenda I had read it and thought to myself that of course you can not build there. But when she called she sounded so surprised that you can not build wherever you want to on your own land.

Come on now. Of course you can not build whatever you want wherever you want! Even if you own the land. But I’m thinking that maybe my short experience of these matters has changed my point of view already, so I have to ask you: Would you really be completely surprised that you are actually not allowed to build your house anywhere you want to? Or do you know if things are done differently where you live?

In the end we made a compromise between the two views, but I’m not sure if this woman will be satisfied with it. I guess we’ll know soon enough. If on the next agenda one of the issues is giving a statement on the matter to the court, than she has not been happy. Welcome to the real world!


2 responses to “Building permissions

  1. In the US there are zoning laws, but so long as you build within those laws, you should be fine. Here in the UK you must get the local Council’s permission for most building and garden work. When people build without planning permission, it’s not uncommon for the council to rule that they have to tear it all down…

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