Sorry I have been away for so long. I try to post more often now that I’m back to work!

So my vacation is over. Note to self: next time schedule a bit less travel into those four weeks. I did not get much done around the house, because I was so wiped out with everything else. Now I’m almost more tired than when I started my vacation!

First we stayed with a friend for three days with DS while DH was making a barn. It was not too bad, as I got to read the new Harry Potter while there. Whew. When do I get to read the rest of it? I never sleep too well when not in home, so I was quite tired when we came back and I slept for a day or so.

After that I actually got some things done, but I was counting on having more time later. The next week we drove to a cabin by a lake to visit a family we know. We spent three nights there. Again, very little sleep – and too much wine and beer. For some reason I did not seem to recover from this trip. I tried to sleep, but nothing was quite enough. We came back on Saturday, and on the next Wednesday we left for Helsinki to visit some relatives.

I was completely wiped out by now, but drank coffee (which I haven’t really done for a long time now) to stay awake. Linnanmäki was fun, but I was fighting to keep my eyes open. And after another two poorly slept nights we headed for Turku. When we signed in a hotel there I tried to take a nap, but with DH and DS in the same room it did not work out. So we went shopping with DS (ever tried to find a toy shop in a town you do not know??) and after he got what he wanted we went back to the hotel. I wanted to eat well that day, so we picked one of the hotel’s restaurants and ordered two steaks and a hamburger with fries. And some white wine.

After that I went to the hotel’s sauna, which was really big and had a great view. If I could just see it. I’m blind as a bat when I take my glasses off. And if you have ever been in a sauna you know that you can’t wear glasses there. So I was sipping my cider and looking at the view I knew was great. In the evening DS took a bubble bath, which was really luxury for him. Bathtubs are not really common over here, so it’s always a treat to get into one.

That night I slept well. Of course hotel beds are better than a mattress on the floor, but whatever the cause I woke up feeling quite well, despite the wine and cider the last night. Then we headed to Moominworld. DS had loads of fun there, and it was late when we got back to the hotel. This time DS got his way and we went to a hamburger place to eat. I had hoped for something better to eat, but I had to settle for a big hamburger and fries.

I did not sleep that well the next night, maybe because I knew we had to get up early to make it to the ship. We were going on a minicruise. And of course it was raining when we had to leave the hotel so I ordered a taxi to take us to the terminal. DS got all whiney about his clothes getting wet, but there was little I could do about it before we could board the ship.

Well, we got in, we got a cabin, and the clothes did not bother him anymore. So off we went to look for the sea of balls (or whatever you usually call it) I had promised him would exist. I did not know for sure, but what is a cruise ship without a one? And I was right. there was not one, not two but three of them. DS happy. So I got to sit and watch him run around with the other kids.

I had reserved a place for us from the buffet, so we went to eat. The food was very good, especially the meat. I ate a lot of meat, as I had not gotten a lot of it the day before. And the wine was not too bad either. But the fun part was the desert table: DS could not believe he can get a full plate of different deserts. Well, he got the full plate but could not eat all of it. I on the other hand did eat a full plate.

Then there was tax free. I bought all I could. And made the mistake of telling DS that he can go and get the candy he wants. And he did. Yeah. I should have known better than that. He carried a lot of candy into the shopping cart.

But the trip home the next day must have been longest ever. We were tired. It was raining, so I was soaking wet when we got into the train. There was a play car for the kids, and it got a bit wild sometimes. I checked my watch a million times before we were there. Argh!

So now I’m tired from typing this. I hope you did not get too tired reading!


2 responses to “Vacationing

  1. Great stuff! I’m glad you had a good time, although now it sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation! In all seriousness, I actually do schedule at least one day after a vacation to just chill, do laundry, sleep.

    In any case, welcome back!

  2. Great vacation. I also need a little time at home during my vacation time. I love the sound of the sauna, I think they must be very cleansing and relaxing.

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