Yeah, it actually does shine.

I’m still here. Nothing really exciting going on here, so I do not know what to write about. But I should not just desert my blog, even if it’s not going to be about IF anymore. Well, at least not about cycle after cycle after cycle – well, you get the drift. It’s over when it’s over. So why do I still get jealous when visiting blogs that talk about follies and eggs retrieved and number fertilized? This will still be a long process. But I’m taking the steps.

One of them is selling the baby stuff. It has proven to be a lot easier than I thought. But that is most likely due to the fact that I’m only selling some of it, not everything. The time will come when I have to get rid of everything, but for now I’m proud to be able to part with at least some of it. And it really does not hurt that I’m getting some money in return… Yes, that’s how bad it is right now. But something will come up. It always does. It just takes some time.

So all in all things are not that bad. I’m enjoying the summer and my vacation the best I can. There will be lots of dark winter days when I have plenty of time to feel sorry about myself. Now I want to get a tan, which I do not get that easily. Fair skin burns so easily. We’ll see how the weather co-operates over here. The forecast was not too promising…


3 responses to “Yeah, it actually does shine.

  1. Ankaisa, I’m sure the grieving process can’t be easy, but I’m glad to hear that you’re moving along. I hope you’ll find a therapist or other kind soul to help guide you through it. I’m sure the sun and the tan are great therapist too.

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