Dream on!

I don’t often remember my dreams after I wake up. There are very few I remember, and most of them make absolutely no sense. Of course I do not mind the ones in which I have hot sex with Clay Aiken, but do I think they will ever come true – absolutely not. Just a product of my imagination (and a nice one I might add)! Just gets me off the bed on the right foot.

But a few nights ago I had a bad dream and it’s just not going away from my mind. It’s like I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Why? I have no idea, as I’ve already told you I do not believe that my dreams actually mean something.

I was on a front porch of a building, I lived there but it was not the house I actually live in. I was watching a plane fly in the sky. I noticed that it left a bad looking black smoke after it and remember thinking that it can’t be good. I saw the plane making a u-turn, still smoking a lot. I kept watching it hoping to see it make back to the airport. I was almost sure it will make it when it suddenly started climbing up really fast and then turned on its back and seconds later crashed to the ground nose first. It was a horrible feeling.

It took me a long time to really wake up after that and to realize that I had not just seen a plane crash. I was home in my bed and nothing bad had happened. Then I had the odd feeling that this was not the first time I saw the same dream. It really did not start my day the right way. And I still keep thinking I’ll hear that something somewhere went horribly wrong sometime early Friday morning. Which I’m trying to convince myself will not happen. It’s all in my head.

Has this ever happened to you? You wake up in the morning after seeing a bad dream and just waiting for something bad to happen? Or am I still just too stressed out and really, really needing this vacation?


2 responses to “Dream on!

  1. I used to have dreams that came tru all the time when I was teenager, although they’ve mostly stopped now.

    Regardless of whether or not you’re stressed, you need a vacation!

  2. No I haven’t had any dreams come true. I do get night terrors when I’m really stressed and wake up screaming. My husband almost has a heart attack when I do.

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