Fleas in a market

Baby items mentioned

It was not as bad as I had expected. Going through the old clothes, I mean. We only got through two bags, and there are several to go, but I found a lot to be sold. DS was helping me, and he helped me pick the clothes that would not be sold at this moment. Surprisingly many of the clothes will be easy to part with; I’m just hoping I do not have to carry them back home after a few weeks.

I hope to get some money for our summer vacation. I’ll be at work for three more weeks and then I’ll have four weeks of vacation. On the third week we’ll go on a trip, and it has been fun making the plans. I just hope it won’t be raining as it was during our trip last summer. It really isn’t that much fun in an amusement park when the rain is pouring…

On Saturday we visited friends in their summer home. It’s by the sea, and it was fun although the wind was blowing so hard it was quite cold. But sitting on a cliff by the beach just watching the waves was really relaxing. Time just flies there, it seemed like it had always been two hours when I looked at my watch. And while it is midsummer, the sun won’t go down early, so you can’t tell the clock from it. It was 7 p.m. before we left, and DH seemed really surprised when I told him that. I’m supposing he had not looked at his watch (phone) while we were there. I only wish we had a place like that.


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