Life goes on

I do not understand this at all. Suddenly thing start to look a lot less grim than just yesterday! Maybe I’m finally starting to get over it. The sun is shining, it’s almost summer and it’s Friday! And I’m going to opera tonight, as I was being offered free tickets yesterday. I was given two, but it looks like I’m going by myself. DH was really not interested in going, as I pretty much suspected. So I have been offering the second ticket, but as I’ve told before I do not have that many real life friends. But I’m going to have fun anyway!

Maybe the tuning point was yesterday, when there was a meeting at work that took a huge weight off my shoulders. The problem that has been weighing heavily on me was resolved, and now I get to do something I like way better: measurements! Those are much easier to do than coding, especially if you have no coding experience whatsoever. Phew.

So I’m still not going to have another baby or getting rich, but my job seems to be at least interesting for now. I think it’s time to smell the roses and enjoy the summer! Last night I was outside quite late, and it was so calming. Birds were singing; no other sounds could be heard. It was not dark, as it’s getting close to midsummer. Sun can still shine at 10 p.m. I’m planning our vacation, and DS seems to be really excited about it, too.

Or maybe it’s the fish oil capsules I took last night. I was not going to go to see a doc about my bad feelings, as I did not want to take any more meds. So my dear friend Google was put to good use, and I found that taking large amounts of omega 3 can help with depression. Well, I do not eat fish. I can not eat fish. If I put fish in my mouth by mistake (eating out and not being able to determine what is in the food), my first instinct is to puke. And if I force it down, the next morning I’m covered with itchy red spots. So no, I do not eat fish. So I bought capsules. The jury is still out about those, as I only took a few yesterday. The do not taste like much when you swallow them, but after a while this horrible taste of fish comes to your mouth. Blech. But I’ll try to tough it out for a few days, unless I break up with a rash.


4 responses to “Life goes on

  1. I love the opera, The Marriage of Figaro is my fav. So glad you are feeling better. I’m finding myself smiling and joking a bit more, it must be time.

  2. You can get fish oil tablets with a light coating on them that prevents the fishy taste from happening. I take Fisol, and have never had that problem.

  3. Omega 3 is great for depression, I know I feel better when I take it. There is also something called Sam-E which is used for depression and joint pain, it helps the body create more seratonin – and is something that exists in the body, consult doctor google.

    I hope you find the perfect place to go on vacation.

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