I should not read my email

Babies mentioned

I just read two emails that both made me so sad. First one came from a Finnish list I belong to. It was a sappy poem about a kid asking her mother where babies come from. Horrible. Just absolutely horrible. I should have stopped reading as soon as I figured out what it was. But no, I kept reading. What a masochist I am. Twisting the knife in the wound knowing I will never carry another child. I am still far from accepting that. And it will still take a long time.

The other email came from Flylady group, and it reminded me of the same thing in a different way. This email was from someone who had found out that mice had used her old baby clothes as a nest and she had to throw them away. Or something like that. Yeah, thanks for reminding me that I have two closets full of clothes DS has grown out of. I will have to deal with them one day, but I’m not strong enough just yet. It is going to hurt so much going through those tiny clothes. I know they are safe from mice, but I do not have too many closets so I will have to empty those eventually. How will I ever gather the strength to do that?


2 responses to “I should not read my email

  1. I know what you mean about e-mails. A good friend used to constantly send me photos of her baby. I just started delting them without opening them. Eventually she stopped. If I ever do have a child, I swear I won’t do it to.

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