Who makes these laws?

So they are trying to pass a law about ART over here. Not that I’m saying a law is necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly is if it’s written by 60 year old males. The law proposal has been around before, but it has not passed. Which is a good thing considering some of the things that were in it: no ART for single women or lesbians other than with donated sperm where the donor could be sued for being the father of the child. Hello? Do you really think any donor would accept that! Not that there are too many donors even now, and after that there would be even less.

But why do we even need a law? It’s not like things are so wild here even these days. No, I think the rules of the clinics are quite strict even now. Like the one where they absolutely refuse to put back more than two embies. And sometimes you have to fight for even that, as they tend to prefer transferring just one!

But the only thing that seems to get any attention in the media is whether ART would be allowed for single women and lesbian couples. And I made the mistake of entering one discussion area on this thing, and those posts made my blood boil. As you should know by now, I’m pretty much pro choice in everything. Who am I to tell anyone how to live their lives? But here it seems that if you are not in a heterosexual relationship, you are not entitled to have babies. Well, at least not through ART. Those comments that were opposing allowing ART to singles and lesbians used arguments that jus do not hold any water. Let’s break them down a bit, shall we?

It is unnatural for a baby to have two mothers/one mother and no father: Well, that is a reality even now! Not every child has a father even now. And nobody is saying unwed mothers should be forced to have an abortion if they happen to get pg from a one night stand. But then they are saying “we” should not be producing fatherless children on purpose. What? So it would be better for the woman who wants a child but not a man to go to a bar one evening and have sex with a random stranger with who knows what diseases? That’s what happens now. As a woman I would very much prefer known safe sperm inserted in my uterus in the doc’s office.

Then there were those comments that others should not need to pay taxes for treatments like that. Who said anything about having to pay taxes so that lesbians can have babies? Even today you have to have a diagnosed condition to get any money back for the treatments. If you were stupid enough to have your tubes tied, you pay for it all yourself. The mandatory insurance does not cover any of it. So if you live alone and have not even tried to have sex with a man to get pg, surely you pay your own costs yourself. Making a law that says it’s allowed does not automatically mean you get it for free. Even today you can get it only on private clinics, not public hospitals!

The good thing about this law would be the clarification of who is a child’s father. Now the old laws do not know babies born through donated sperm. So if the couple is not married (then the baby would automatically be DH’s), the baby will not have a father. I remember we had to go to a office where my then live in boyfriend had to confess (weird choice of words they have here) that he is the father. Luckily we did not use donated sperm then, so there were no issues.

I’m just hoping egg donation will be allowed in the future, too. I’ve not heard it wouldn’t be, so I have to assume it is. I know it is illegal in Sweden, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand why. Must be those 60 year old males making the laws!


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