When does this end? Like my life isn’t shitty enough as it is! My hard drive died on Saturday. Just like that. No advance warning. Just there one minute, gone the next. And as everyone knows, it’s not just the hard drive, it’s what’s on it. Lots of files gone forever. I bought a new one (which I really can not afford right now) and now I get the pleasure to install all the programs again. I just want to cry. What is next?
I just wanted to add that changing a hard drive was a lot easier than I expected! Just take out the old one, insert a new one and install Windows all over again. I’m quite proud of myself. I can repair computers! Well, not really, but almost. It still hurts to think about everything that went with the drive, though… It’s just not my day – or week – or month – or even my year. Today I came to work and checked this place just to find that it is not working either. Scared the crap out of me! If I had lost this site, too, that would have been too much.


2 responses to “Poof!

  1. Ohhh no! That completely sucks. I am so glad you got a new computer though so that you can still write to us.

    I hope things turn for the better soon.

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