Two steps back

I need to take a step back for now. I might not be posting too often for a while. I can be quite OK for a while, then I make the mistake of wandering to read all the blogs in my blogroll and start feeling sad again. It just reminds me of my failure, even if I limit myself to the still trying blogs. Even those usually talk about some aspect of infertility. And I can’t handle that right now.

So I’ll be indulging in Clack. On those boards you do not talk about infertility, pregnancy or babies. It’s EEEEEEEEE! New Clack! OFTLOCAGC! And then we all drool over a new delicious video of Clay. That’s where I need to be now. Most likely I will come back to post again, but I might not be visiting others blogs for a while. Not that I think anyone would even notice that I’m gone…


11 responses to “Two steps back

  1. I would notice too. However, I totally respect your need for space and time. Go immerse yourself. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own head, right?

  2. I would notice and completely understand. I am so behind on blog reading and I don’t have anything to say except very depressing thoughts that run circles in my mind. I feel dead.

    I am sorry that you are in this space. I hope you see the light soon. It all so sucks.

  3. I’ll miss you too, but I understand the need to withdraw. I’ve been doing it in most aspects of my life at the moment.Take care of yourself.

  4. I hope you will be ok.

    ps – I have just looked at your clack site. I thought Clay Aitken was the Norwiegen bloke who wone All-Star Idol. Thank god I was wrong.

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