Healing power

I guess I am down a bit, but I’m just not seeing it myself. It’s really weird. But I guess it’s a coping mechanism, I’m protecting myself against the evil reality. So how did I figure out I might be hurting more than I’m letting myself believe? I found myself turning to the healing powers of Clack. On Saturday night I was sitting at my computer and thinking what would I like to do. So I decided to play some old Clack I had stored in my computer. I remembered I had these full episodes of AI 2 which I had not seen. Wow, it does give you a whole new perspective on things! Previously I had only watched the Clay clips, but now I got to see the whole show. And it truly shows how bad this season actually sucks. It’s the first season shown on tv here, so most people have nothing to compare it to.

So I’m assuming my Clack consumption will be huge in the near future. It will get me through this. It’s so funny, I first fell for him in 2003 when I downloaded one clip from ca.com. Then it was a really intense year when I kept a close eye on him. Then the interest seemed to fade a lot, and I quit following everything he does. But now I feel it coming back. I just took a break, things like this do not go away completely. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to be in the same room with him. A 10 000 people arena would be considered a room in this context. I’m still not sure what has possessed me. I usually could not care less for celebrities. If any man that is considered hot would appear behind my door and ask me for a date I would decline. And that’s how I’ve always been. And now, at the ripe age of 36, I just joined my first fan club ever. And I would give just about anything to meet him one day. Pathetic, huh.

Mother’s day was not as bad as expected. After all, I do get to celebrate it. I would want to celebrate it even more, but my DH really does nothing to make the day special in any way. This year he actually boiled water for my tea in the morning. That’s the most he’s ever done. DS had made a card for me, so I got that. But nothing more. I bought myself a flower on my own and made a kind of low fat cheesecake (that does not taste good). But the tradition has been for as long as I can remember to go out for lunch with my parents. So we did go, my parents, me, DS and DH. At least I did not have to cook.

DS has chicken pox (or that’s what I think it is called in English). Here they do not vaccinate kids against it unless you ask for it. So most people do get it at some point. We had actually visited someone with it two weeks ago hoping he would catch it. It’s better to be over and done with it at an early age. It’s much worse if you get it when you are older. Just ask DH, he had it only a few years ago and was really sick. So I’m glad he has it now!


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