Living in denial

I guess I must be in denial. There is a sick feeling in my stomach all the time, but I’m keeping it together much better than most times. Oh, by the way, the bump in my foot is gone now. And I really should have that talk with DH. Maybe if I mix myself a few drinks I can bring up the topic. Not that I want to, but it’s a conversation we must have. Shit. I don’t even feel like drinking. Actually I have not been drinking much for a long time now. And besides, I started that weight loss project I told you about. Day two and still not going strong! I had forgotten how bad it is when you have to watch every bite you take. I’m hungry. I want donuts and chocolate and biscuits and pizza. Instead I’m nibbling lettuce and tomatoes. I hate this!

Yesterday I paid off what money I still owed from that cycle in September. Now I can start to pay off this one. It was cheaper, as there was no assisted hatching this time. Then I can start to save money for tentative future treatments. I’m not very rich, and with this salary I never will be. So it’s all work and no activities that require money from now on! Losing weight and saving money, this surely is going to be one fun summer…


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