Symptoms 11 days after retrieval

So what do I say? There’s nothing much left. Ovaries can be felt from time to time, especially the right one. Sometimes I can feel really cold and then sweating a minute later. Boobs are no longer hurting at all. I feel a lot more bloated today that I did yesterday and eating still makes it a lot worse, but that’s just the progesterone. Appetite is not what it usually is at this point with all the hormones. Usually I’m eating just about everything I can find and it shows on the scale. Now it’s more like I have to force myself to eat at least something, which is really good considering the weight loss project I’m starting right after I get that BFN that can not be avoided.

So I’ve completely given up on this cycle. I still feel the side of my foot every night and think I can feel something. But most likely it’s just that something did try to implant around last Monday or so but did not hold on for too long. So it was most likely chromosomally abnormal anyway. Come on, let’s play the game I proposed in my last post: who guesses when AF arrives?


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