Symptoms 9 days after retrieval

So today it feels like the OHSS symptoms are going away. So that’s it then, even if something tried to implant it’s no longer there. I only have a funny heavy feeling in my lower abdomen. Like it doesn’t feel nice to sit and have that part squished. So I have to lean back a lot. I’m just glad I’m here alone today, as sitting like this makes me look rather lazy or funny. And the ovaries made themselves known a while ago. I still feel somewhat sick, but that is more because of my nerves than anything else. I felt a lot more nauseated yesterday! The dizziness is still here, but it’s most probably just the progesterone. Boobs a lot less sore. And now I have a headache, too. I’m quite sure that is not a pregnancy symptom, so it’s just bad luck. I’m seriously tempted to take something for it.


4 responses to “Symptoms 9 days after retrieval

  1. It’s hard to say Ankasia, I was convinced I was getting my period when I was pregnant. Make sure you look after yourself, doing something nice just for you. Thinking of you,

  2. I am thinking about you so much. I am just catching up with your posts and I am jealous, I wish my boobs hurt. Every little twinge, I hope has a meaning.

    Just wanted to say “hi”.

    Take care.

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