Symptoms 8 days after retrieval

As I said yesterday, this is mainly just for me for future reference. Contains most probably TMI.

Not much has changed. I’m still bloated. Actually I was so bloated in the evening that I decided to call the clinic today. And when reading the lists for OHSS the symptoms I don’t have are vomiting (at least not yet), no urination, rapid weight gain (more like losing weight as I can’t get much down) or shortness of breath. I do have nausea, bad bloating (it’s bad when you have almost grown out of your biggest pants and your relatives start looking at your belly with “that look” – you know, “when is she due?”), diarrhea and dizziness. But I still haven’t. Even if it is it (which I still don’t believe it is) it’s still mild. I don’t have the bad symptoms. But I may have to reconsider it tomorrow as sitting is becoming more difficult.

Boobs are still sore, but maybe a bit less than yesterday. Oh yeah, remember when I told you about the spot near your heel? I tried feeling it yesterday after I felt some pain just there, and you know what: there is a bump. A fucking bump. Hey thanks Hope, didn’t I tell you loud and clear you are not welcome here. Oh, she left. Good. Very good. Now let’s google about donor sperm in Finland…

And I’ve decided I won’t HPT until after the bleeding starts. No matter how I’m preparing myself for the BFN I know it’s still going to hurt. So I’m putting it off as long as I can. Yeah, and just a reminder: they don’t do routine betas over here. I just pee on a stick and call the clinic with the results. Sucks, huh? The longest I’ve made it to has been 18 days after retrieval before I’ve started to bleed. Oh shit, ten more days to go…


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