Symptoms 7 days after retrieval

This post is most likely TMI. I’m posting it mainly for myself so I can look back and see how I felt. This is something I wish I had done a long time ago, as now I can’t really remember how I felt on the six previous cycles. Selective memory, as I’ve said before!

I can feel the progesterone kicking in. So I’m getting more confirmation on my belief that Crinone just doesn’t do it for me. It gave me no symptoms whatsoever, so it’s not working as it should have. Damn, two wasted cycles because of that!

I refuse for one minute to believe that any of these things means that something has implanted, but this is what I feel today, a week after my retrieval and day six of progesterone, in no particular order:

1) Bloated. Well, sort of. It comes and goes, but is not bad enough to warrant calling the clinic for possible hyperstimulation. Eating a meal makes it worse, a lot worse, I feel like I’m going to burst. And it usually goes away after a while and I feel the need to pee. I’m using these pants I bought when going back to work after seven weeks on the couch. Sometimes they feel just right and an hour later they feel like they are going to fall off.

2) Appetite. Sometimes I’m really, really, really hungry and want to eat (pickled cucumbers). Most of the time I do not have any appetite, I’m feeling like I’m going to puke right now. I haven’t thrown up yet, but I might. This is very weird; I can’t remember this happening before. Usually progesterone makes me eat like crazy, but I have never felt sick before. Oh well, just add it to the list. It’s just another progesterone side-effect.

3) Light headed. For some reason I have today felt dizzy when getting up. This is also weird, as I’m taking the progesterone vaginally. It should only cause dizziness if I swallowed it, and I remember it has done that before. I just hope it does not get worse, as I can’t soon walk straight! So adding another symptom to the progesterone effects.

4) Hot/cold. This I do remember. One moment I’m freezing and five minutes later I’m sweating. And I’m not doing anything in particular, just sitting on the couch or something. And if I try to actually do something I start sweating.

5)Boobs hurt. Do not come near my boobs. They hurt. They really, really hurt.

I think that’s it for now. I only wish I had good notes on my earlier cycles so I could remember how it has been. I just never thought I’d be doing this for so long. And yeah, once again: FUCK YOU UNIVERSE!


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