Do you know?

Still no success with googling for the things I heard when I was lying with my feet in the air. Does someone else know what these mean? She said that most of the embies had atypical nucleus. WTF? At another instance she used different words, then it was DNA fragmentation. I know just fragmentation, but DNA fragmentation? When I google those words, I usually get something about cancer. What, my embies have cancer???

It is highly unlikely there will be another genetic child for DH and me. DS was some kind of a fluke, but I’m really, really grateful for him. But the thing is that they can not say if it’s the sperm or the eggs that is bad. So you just flip a coin and try to chance the one or the other I guess.

I’m using this 2 week (non)wait for purely testing purposes. Now I’m on suppositories instead of Crinone, so I want to see if AF will stay away longer. It would be nice if it did not come before 4th May, as I’m taking a few days off. But with my luck she will be here this month…


3 responses to “Do you know?

  1. I am so sorry. I still have questions. Were all of them fragmented? How many did they transfer? I can just remember from biology the nucleus of a cell so I guess they could see something was different there but I don’t know how they can tell you about genetically DNA fragmentation unless they rushed a PGD test which is impossible to complete by a 3 day transfer. PGD tests shows the chromosomes thus the DNA, so how they knew something was wrong without that is beyond me.

    I am so sorry.

  2. I’m sorry that you are going through this, as if the whole process isn’t stressful enough, without explanations. I’m not sure what they meant either. Can you ask your Dr?

  3. That’s what I said, it does not make any sense. They make these comments by looking at them as far as I can tell. Surely if they ran some other tests that would show up in the bill! But I’ll make another post on this.

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