What's up dawg?

I had my follies checked yesterday. They were growing just nicely, well, at least most of them were. My right ovary was really filled with follies, so she could not even count al of them. Left one had somewhat less follies growing on it. So I got the talk about drinking water and taking it easy, as I might, once again, hyperstimulate. For some reason I do not remember having told that quite this early before. But then again this was not my regular doc, as she is unavailable this week.

What I also don’t remember is feeling this bloated this early! Of course I can’t remember all cycles too well anymore, and I only have written records of IVF #6. I should have thought about blogging a lot earlier! But back in 2000 it was not all that common, so I resorted to newsgroups. And seems like I didn’t post even there a lot, as I tried to search the archives with google groups with few results. And even those were more on the numbers side, not the feeling side. And then with the next IVF I did post on the boards at IVF Connections, but the board SW has changed twice since then and the archives are unavailable.

So I have no idea of knowing if I’ve ever felt this bad at this point. The last time I could not feel my ovaries when going to the first u/s. But now I’m feeling it, dawg. Boy am I feeling it. I can not sit properly, I can not walk very fast, I’m horribly bloated. So I just drink, drink, drink and hope I can go home soon to take a nap. I do remember the feeling of everything slowing down, but usually it’s not here until after 10 days on stims! I have no idea on how I’m going to make it to Monday. And I’m going to put up a fight if they try telling me that I’m not getting my retrieval on Monday next week. Tuesday will not do.

But in the mean time I keep injecting myself with 150 IU Gonal-F per day. I guess I should be glad that I stimulate so easily. I’ve never been on any more than 150 IU and I’ve done several IVFs and gotten years older in the process. But what good is great stimulation if it does not result in great embies that thrive in my uterus? I still can’t even begin to think that this cycle would have any chance of succeeding. All I can think right now is trying to get through the day so I would be closer to retrieval day. And when I’m telling you everything seems to be slowing down, that includes time. This must have been one of the longest days in history. And there isn’t much hope of it getting any better soon, as I just gave those ovaries 150 IU more to grow on. And I’ll be giving them more tomorrow, too.

So now I can at least say that the meds were not wasted, they are going into me and making my ovaries crazy. How can it be that I have been through this so many times already and still can’t remember how bad it really is? I seem to have a really bad case of selective memory!


3 responses to “What's up dawg?

  1. Hi Ankasia,
    I went for my scan this morning and my Dr is really pleased as there are 16 good sized follicles. I also have to have low doses of Gonal-F as I hyperstimulate easlily as well. Looks like my retrival will be Monday or Tuesday. I have another scan on Saturday and will know which day. I also feel bloated and uncomfortable and even though this is my 4th IVF I think I have forgotten how it felt.
    Good luck with the pick up,

  2. Wow. You, Meg and I started Gonal F on the same day, both of you have already had ultrasounds and I don’t get to go until Friday for my first ultrasound, what is up with that? Oh well. I can’t worry about it.

    I am definitely tired and SLOW and I don’t bend fast. I can’t wait for Friday to find out what the hell is happening.

    My first IVF, I was bloated early and exhausted and had 11 eggs, my second IVF, I was feeling better, not as many sharp jolts but ended up with 17 eggs. For this one, I feel twinges and tweaks but damn am I tired.

    I hope you start feeling better soon. Can you rest a lot? I hope we all get good news.

    Thinking of you.

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