Awkward moments

On Wednesday I got to the clinic too early as I had not checked the actual time of the appointment with all the things going on like missing the train and other small incidents. So I had to spend about an hour in the waiting room, which is never fun. The first thing that bugged me was a baby magazine on the table. I just had to hide it under other magazines; I could not look at it. Then a bit later a couple came in with a toddler. I’m just thankful it was not a baby.

Then after they left a woman came to sit there and I noticed she is someone I know but not too well. I remember that she is my age and we were in school at the same time. I seem to remember that we were not on the same class but parallel classes, but my memory could be deceiving. She recognized me, too, so I could not act like I wouldn’t know who she is.

But what do you talk about? Hey, nice to see you, I’m here for my 7th IVF, how about you? Not likely. She did say that this is her first visit, and part of me wanted to tell her what is waiting for her: lots of test possibly ending up in diagnosis of unexplained, meds that make you crazy, 2ww… But I did not. I don’t talk much about my IF with people in real life. And that waiting room is a horrible place to be knowing why you are there in the first place. So all we did talk about was some light conversation which luckily did not last too long as she went to see the nurse.

Which reminds me of time when I was doing my first IVF. Then I also met some people I knew in the waiting room. They both worked at the same place: the man was actually working on the same project as I was and I had seen her there, too. I did not talk with them besides a quick hello, but felt just as awkward then. And I can still remember the look on his face a few months later when I passed by him at work and my belly was already showing. Everyone here knows that desperate look: oh shit, she has succeeded while we are still trying. I would have wanted to say something then but didn’t.

But what would you say anyway? How should you react to someone you know if you suddenly meet her in the waiting room of your clinic?


5 responses to “Awkward moments

  1. You know, I’ve never had this happen so I’m not exactly sure how I respond, but I’m pretty much an open book at this point. I’ve talked about this IVF crap with other people in “real life” so I don’t think I would have any qualms about doing so in the waiting room. I’ve only chatted with one fellow infertile in person, and it was fantastic to be able to really talk with someone who got it.

  2. I also haven’t run into someone in the waiting room at IVF, which is lucky as I find it difficult to talk about. My close friends at work know but I definately don’t want to be the gossip at school, so no one else there knows. Teaching can be so bitchy and that’s just the staff. Thanks for reading my blog. I’m enjoying reading yours. I’m on my 4th IVF now and doing a flare cycle, hence no pill just straight to the revolting syneral and Gonal-F. I also have to be scanned regularly and watched for OHSS. Good luck with your cycle, thanks again for commenting on my blog.

  3. I have run into three people at my clinic now. Two were on their first IVF (one was in fact getting her 6w blood test from her first effort – bitch). I got to say I was on my 10th or 11th. Boy did thier jaw drop fast. I found that I liked shocking people.

    The third person I had morning tea with today. I actually didnt know her at the time, she recognised my DH from high school. After emailing him at home I emailed her back with my whole sorry saga. We have become good friends and good support for each other.

    I would really love to meet someone as bitter and grumpy as me though. What a laugh!

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