Welcome to the New Place!

Welcome to the new place! Please do not let the decor scare you away, one of these days I’ll have some extra money and can pay someone to make this place pretty. And in the mean time look in the sidebar to find alternate themes. I’ve noticed that some of them do not work properly with Internet Explorer, but I’ve left those because they look just great in Firefox. I’m unfortunately not skilled enough to solve the problem myself! If none of them looks good enough for you, let me know and I can add more!

Everything has been moved here, so I won’t be updating the old place anymore. If you have bookmarked it or linked to it, please update your links! This is also a good time to make suggestions, let me know if anything should be changed. This server seems to be a better one compared to what I tried first, but if there are difficulties accessing the site I’d like to know about it!

So, how do you like the place? Please be honest, I can take it!


7 responses to “Welcome to the New Place!

  1. Hey, another WordPress girl. Isn’t it so different from Blogger? Anyway, good luck with stims! I hope things go well this cycle.

    Oh, and just so ya know, your comments aren’t working in the Desert Theme.

  2. Gotta say I like the new look. Glad to hear that the IVF cycle is underway and I’m hoping like mad that this one is the charm.

  3. OOOOOOO, I like it. It looks so sleek.
    Ok, so now I am getting all jealous of everyone moving and having neater looking blogs that have more bells and whistles. But alas, for me, cheapness ALWAYS wins out.

    Happy blogging in the new home. Shall I bring some cake and a plant for the blog warming?


  4. Ah, that desert theme is giving me a hard time! I may have to remove it. Thanks for letting me know!

    And Janet, Word Press is free! But you will have to have a place to upload it to, and that might cost. There are some free hosting services, but there usually is some catch.

    Thanks for the compliments! I should really thank those who designed these themes, I could never do that.

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