La la la, this is not happening to me…

So it begins. I went for my baseline u/s today. It seems I’m suppressed enough to start. Yeah, like all those headaches didn’t tell me that already. So now I get to start the good stuff, Gonal-F. The first shot did not take the headache away, but hopefully the next will. I’m again taking only 150 IU per day.

But it all seems to be happening to someone else. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I’m the one having an IVF cycle right now. This is not happening to me. Or maybe I’m just watching the last one all over again. Well, that’s what the doc told me, so far it’s looking just like my last cycle. Oh yay. But why would it be any different? I see no reason.

Yeah, and the great luck with my cycle continues: I missed my train this morning. So I had to drive myself to the clinic, as I would have been too late with the next train. If this luck continues I might just throw in the towel right now!


5 responses to “La la la, this is not happening to me…

  1. Wow. I just started my Gonal F today also.

    I hope your headache is gone, those are a bitch.

    Your new site looks awesome.

    Word Press is great although difficult for someone like me to learn, callista (inconceivable) helped me immensely and she is so fast and prompt with her amazing help.

    Good luck to the both of us!


  2. Yes, the headaches are a bit better now, but not completely gone. So our cycles seem to be at the same time! It’s always nice to have someone go throuh this with you, it makes you feel less alone.

    And I love Word Press! But I couldn’t design a new theme, so I’m just tweaking ones I’ve found. Maybe someday i can pay someone to customize a theme for me!

  3. i am going to hide this back here so hopefully you will get it. i am dying. my head is killing me. i have never had a headache like this before…ivf#2 had me feeling bad one afternoon but i am nauseous the pain is so bad….i just called my doctor and they said to drink lots of water and take e.s. tylenol……you got lupron headaches? I am getting gonal f headaches…..ohhhhhh god it hurts…. I am not on the pen, i am on the multi dose, i did the pen my first ivf and i liked it except when i had to give two shots when the cartridge was empty….i hope you are doing well.

    i love your theme switches, they look amazing.

  4. Yes, it has happened to me, too. For some reson the first pen I used with IVF#6 was giving me the worst headache ever! See post 1 and post 2 (scroll down to the last paragraph). I remember how awful it was! This time the headache is not so bad, but otherwise I’m not feeling too great. And I remember one time Golaf-F gave me a 39C fever…

    So all I can say is to hang on, once you get to the next vial of Gonal-F the chances are that you headache will be gone!

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