A race through dark places

Infertility journey, part VIII : IVF #4&5

So now I had used up all my “free” rounds of IVF. I had to call a private clinic. But do not worry, it’s not going to be that expensive even there: some of it is still covered by the mandatory insurance!

We waited for a while for an initial consult. It was quickly decided that we’ll do another IVF at the beginning of next year. There’s no point in buying IVF meds late in the year as the sum you have to pay yourself per year is reset 1st January.

The cycle followed a all too familiar pattern again. At first it looked like there would be lots of eggs, maybe even 20. Then the follies on my left ovary decide not to grow and I ended up with 11 eggs. Granted, it was better than the last two cycles but still not as many as I would have wanted. I had talked them into doing ICSI again, as in my mind it connected to the only successful cycle. I had reasoned in my mind that it might create a weaker spot on the shell so the embie can hatch.

Can’t remember the number of fertilized eggs, only that when I went to my transfer there was nothing to freeze. Two were put back. This time I was not going to go back unless I’d be completely sure I’m having hyperstim. I was too embarrassed about what happened the last time. This was the first time with Crinone. It is supposed to be really easy compared to suppositories, but I was worried that it is not enough. They had talked to me about this and said it is more than enough. Well I’m still not convinced, as I started bleeding early. This had never happened before! I was usually late even if the cycle was BFN. So I’m pretty sure the Crinone was at least partially the reason for the failure.

I was so ready to try something else by now. So we agreed that we’ll try an Antagon cycle. So no sniffing this time! I just started the injections and after a while added Antagon shots. But the results wasn’t any better, in fact it was worse than the one before it. Less eggs retrieved, less fertilized (this time no ICSI) and two not-so-great embies transferred. And needless to say, nothing to freeze.

Again I was determined not to go unless the hyperstim symptoms got really bad and I could not sit at my desk. That day never came but AF did. But was I ready to give up? Noo…

And so it ends. The rest can be read in this blog, just select IVF#6 or IVF#7 which is just starting!


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