Great. Just great. The one time you want to get AF on time, the bitch decides to play hide and seek. Today was the latest she should have arrived in order to start stims on Wednesday. And it’s already 11 p.m. so she won’t be coming today. Shit. So now I have to call the clinic tomorrow and move all my appointments a week ahead. This cycle sure does start out wonderfully – I just hope it’s not how it’s going to end, too.

And if you happen to see the bitch, tell her to haul her butt over here! This whole cycle has been delayed enough already. I don’t need this too. When will it end?


2 responses to “Bitch!

  1. She truly is a bitch. She nevers shows up when you want her to and always seems to rear her ugly head when you don’t. I’m sorry you’re going to have to wait longer to start stims. The waiting sucks so much.

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