Acts of Sacrifice

Infertility journey, part VI where I talk about the IVF cycle #2

So I was ready to start another full IVF cycle! I was so sure it would work again like it had the last time. I couldn’t get myself to go on a low(er) carb diet this time, I kept putting it off. I sniffed four times a day again.

This time I was doing Gonal-F multidose, so I my dose could be altered more easily. I was to start with 150 IU and drop it after a few days. Yeah, so I stimulate easily. I was not totally comfortable in dropping an already low dose, but I did what I was told.

So this time we didn’t get that many eggs. I can’t remember the exact number, but if I say seven it’s not too far. I was disappointed. This time I had to fight for two to be put back. They only agreed because the embies were of low quality with nothing to freeze. So this cycle was a lot worse thatn the one before.

I forgot to tell that I had tried to find a new zone therapist as the one I went to the last time was now too far away. I found one that called herself one, but it was vastly different for the one I was seeing before. This one did not treat my feet much, but the whole body. It didn’t seem as efficient as the “just the feet”-method. And judging by the results it wasn’t.

Now I was checking for the hyperstim symptoms all the time and counting the days to when it should start. Whee, I was feeling it again! This time I didn’t bother calling the nurse at all, I just went there and demanded to be checked. And sure enough, there was hyperstim. Not as bad as the previous time, but some anyway. I was beginning to get hopeful. everyone told me it’s a good sign, a very good sign.

Peed on a stick. Negative. Didn’t bother calling the clinic for more sick leave and went to work still feeling really uncomfortable. And sure enough, AF came a few days later. I was beginning to realize this is not going to be so easy this time.

To be continued…


One response to “Acts of Sacrifice

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you.Hang in there.Julianna

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