A spider in the web

Infertility journey, part V: the FET’s

When a year had passed from the day my DS was born I decided it was time to find out if we could have another one with those frozen embies. I was still so naive!

So now I was supposed to call the clinic when AF arrived and book an u/s for day 10. It took a while to get AF on a day that would not land day 10 on a weekend, because the clinic is closed on weekends. So yeah, it is cheap but there are serious drawbacks.

When I finally did manage to go there on day 10 it was confirmed that I was about to ovulate on my own and had to look for the LH surge. And those ovulation sticks surely are evil. I know HPTs are evil, but at least the answer is clear. Now I had to decide if the first line is darker than the second line. Not so easy if you ask me!

One day I decided that it is dark enough and called to schedule my transfer two days later. They had defrosted the vial with three embryos and they all had survived. Two of them were transferred. And no, things were not going to be that easy. Two weeks later it was over.

But there were still four frozens left. Again I had to wait a few cycles to get to a one where cd 10 is not on weekend. This time the growing follie was already really big, and I was already about to ovulate if not already ovulated. But the next day the line was darker and I went ahead with the transfer.

The bad thing was that they defrosted the embies over weekend, so I could not call beforehand to see if they survived. It turned out that the two first ones did not look alive so they had to defrost the remaining two. One of those was also dead, but one of the earlier batch had revived so two were transferred. And the freezer was empty for us.

And there isn’t much more to tell about that cycle. I peed on a stick which was negative and I started bleeding again. But it did not matter much, now I could do another full IVF which had a much better chance of succeeding anyway.

To be continued…


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