Jet lag

I will have to continue the story sometime later. It’s getting a bit longer than I thought it would. But feel free to skip them if you don’t want to hear it all.

Yes, I’m sticking to my story that you can have a jet lag even if the time difference is only two hours. So now I went to the business trip I’ve been telling you about. I came home late last night and I’m still really tired.

Cambridge was nice. I could go there again for a holiday to see more of it. The business took all day, so I did not have much time in the evening. I travelled all day Tuesday just to get there. Can someone tell me why there are so many roundabouts? It seemed like the bus went through at least twenty of them to get from Heathrow to Cambridge.

So here are some random thoughts about the trip. If they make no sense I’m still blaming the jet lag!
– I could never learn how to drive there. I’m too used to right side traffic.
– The street names are often impossible to find in Cambridge and I’m used to being able to check at every crossing on what street I am. I was about to give up on finding my way from the bus stop to the hotel on Tuesday night.
– Shops are not open very late, so I could not get into most of the stores after 5:30 P.M. which meant that I saved a lot of money!
– Somebody really should start a Disney merchandise shop in Finland
– Splenda is available in UK, so I need to figure out a way to get more of it when I run out of those jars I bought this time
– March in Cambridge feels like May in Finland. That’s why England is good in football and Finland in cross-country skiing.
– You really should pick your dining place by the amount of people already inside. If the place is empty there surely must be a reason for that.
– You can’t expect to find ale in every restaurant
– Taxis must be paid in cash, not credit card
– The hotel sauna was actually quite good. But the people in it didn’t seem to understand why there is a bucket of water inside (maybe I should have tried to use it just to see how soon the other people in it would have left or said something). And that it really isn’t such a good idea to sit in it in your swimsuit after you have been swimming in chlorine water: the chlorine will evaporate and you would not want to inhale it!


2 responses to “Jet lag

  1. Thanks, Oro! I’ll keep that in mind when I have used the ones I bought. Hopefully one day I can get some from here, too, but I have no idea on how far that day is.

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