Moments of transition

Infertility journey, part IV where I talk about being pregnant and giving birth

I wish I could say I felt joy when looking at those lines. But I did not. I can’t remember feeling much. Oh look, there are two clearly visible lines. I am going to need more sick leave. Which was easier said than done, but finally I got to speak with the doc who gave me the first sick leave. And I scheduled an u/s.

I can’t remember exactly how far along I was when that first u/s was taken, but I seem to remember it was sometime on week 6. Then there was a doc I don’t care much about, she really is horrible. But you don’t get to choose. She was horrified that two good embies were transferred. Then she proceeded with feeling my uterus – sorry, don’t really know what it is called in English. Hello, I’m having hyperstim! You’re not supposed to do that then (asshole). She says it feels big (well what do you expect if I’m having hyperstim) and how would I feel about twins.

But then she reaches for the wand. I did not know what she was looking for, but it really seemed she did not find it. Yes, there was a sac but no visible fetal pole and it “looked funny”. Oh great, what’s that supposed to mean? Oh wait, she is going to say something more: it might be a blighted ovum. So I’m sent home and told to come back after I’m past the 7 week mark.

I panic. I google. Not good. Next u/s day comes. This time I get the really nice doc. And voila – a clear and good heartbeat is found. It’s not a blighted ovum, not by a long shot. This one is alive and kicking – well not exactly kicking just yet, but soon. And I’m still hyperstimulated.

So all in all I spend seven weeks on the couch watching daytime tv (not really an experience I recommend to anybody!). Next u/s is on week 12 with the nuchal measurement. And now I’m sent away and told to contact the local hospital for my care from now on. So I’m considered normal.

There’s nothing much to tell about the pregnancy. It really was uneventful from that point on for a long time. I was not nauseous at all. But then we found out that this baby is not going to turn. They tried to turn him once but did not succeed. I wasn’t really even given much choice as I’m not a really tall and my pelvis is also not too big. So it was a c-section for me. So there really isn’t even much of a birth story to share: I went to the hospital the day before, I go into surgery the next morning and baby is born. End of that story.


One response to “Moments of transition

  1. Can’t believe that dreadful woman would tell you that you “might” have a blighted ovum! How awful!Hoping you another uneventful pregnancy in your future.–Bugs

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