And the sky full of stars

Infertility journey, part III where I talk about the only successful cycle

They normally do three IUIs before moving on to IVF but considering what happened they suggested that we will do a real IVF next. And I could not agree more.

In an attempt to be in a possibly good condition for IVF I found a zone therapist. The first one was a disappointment, but the next one was much better. It hurt a bit, but nowhere near as much as the one I’m seeing now… I managed to go there for four times before I started sniffing, and it should not be done while taking the meds.

It was just before Christmas in 1999 when I begun sniffing the suppression meds. It had to be taken four times a day, same time each day. I usually got up little past 5 a.m. during the week and now I kept waking up just to take the med. I was being such a good girl. I had found the usenet IF groups and IVF connections email buddy lists and I was hanging there reading about everything. So I decided to take baby aspirin even though my doc had not told me to do so. I was keeping my feet warm and bathing them every day because the zone therapist recommended it. I drank grape juice because … I forget why.

So then I had to start giving myself shots. I can still remember how bad it was the first time. But I did make it then and lots of times after that. First u/s showed lots of nicely growing follies, the second u/s showed a whole bunch of follies ready to pop. And so was I. The bloating was really something! There is still one pic of me a couple of days before retrieval where I’m so white it looks spooky.

Retrieval was not too bad. We got 19 eggs. That’s quite a big change to the one we got the first time. But (why has there always have to be a but???) the bad news was that DH’s sperm was not really up to the task that day. So the nurse asked me how I would feel if they’d have to do ICSI on my eggs. I was still high from the meds, but I told them that do whatever you have to.

This time the call the next day was easier, as I knew there were more than one to fertilize. 12 out of the 19 did just that. The next day I got two of them back and 7 frozen. Luckily I did not have fight for getting two back. And I still refuse to think what would have happened if they transferred just one and chose the wrong one.

About a week after the retrieval I got really bloated and could not zip my pants anymore. I called the hospital and the nurse nearly panicked. I had to talk to her to keep her from sending an ambulance to come and get me and agreed that I’ll show up there in the morning.

I was hyperstimulated. My ovaries were the size of grapefruits and there was fluid in my abdominal cavity. I was sent to give a shitload of blood to check for anything you possibly could imagine. I was also sent for a lung x-ray. I still remember how they wrote on the form that I might be pregnant. So I was treated as a pregnant woman. It seemed surreal. Just one x-ray taken instead of two and extra lead aprons to keep the radiation out.The tests revealed nothing and I was sent home with the instructions to rest and drink a lot of fluids.

Remember I told you I was a good girl back then? I took my first HPT two weeks from my transfer. It was a faint positive. Really, really, really faint. It got a bit more visible when it dried. So I called the nurse because hyperstim is not going to go away if you are pg and I needed more sick leave. But she just told me to test again. Yeah, but it would be Friday and you just can’t get a hold of much anyone on Fridays and they are closed on weekends and I needed that leave by Monday! But nothing helped. I had another brand in my closet that I used the next day. I watched the pee move up in the windows. It went first through the test window. A clearly visible blue line appeared immediately.

To be continued…


One response to “And the sky full of stars

  1. I remember my first cycle. I didnt even do a hpt. I thought sore boobs was a sure sign. Boy was I naive!Pretty cruel of IVF to reward you on the first go and then torture you for #2. I certainly hope mine will be the opposite.

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