New things to obsess about

Maybe this therapy is working in more ways than I could have imagined when I begun. I was a total mess back then! Now I feel so calm. This is so not the old me, especially taking into account that AF is due next week.

Did anyone know that there is a spot somewhere near the heel of your right foot where you can feel if you are pg or not? But it seems that there is one. How do I know? When I went to see the therapist this week she spent some time stroking that area trying to feel something. Which, of course, she did not. I’m not sure what it should feel like, but you bet I’m going to feel the area so I know how it feels now so I can look for any changes!

Right now I’m little worried if I can manage to make it to UK next month or not. Why? Because there might be a strike. And I need to fly to get to UK. I know that not many of those who come to read are from UK, much less Cambridge, but any hints on what to see in the evenings would be appreciated! I’ve found something online, but for some reason things like opening hours are almost impossible to find. So I’m looking for something to do (besides getting drunk) after 6 p.m.


3 responses to “New things to obsess about

  1. Thanks Kath, but I would not consider myself being especially desperate! But if you still have good connections to him despite him being an ex, you can give him my email addy (can be found in the profile).

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