I'm still here

I haven’t fallen off the face of earth. I’ve just been extremely busy for some time now. And I’m not sure if I’m much less busy even now, but I’ll try to write something anyway.

But that’s just it, there is not much to write about. I’m still not counting days to start suppression. I’m close to ovulation now, or maybe even a bit past it. Damn the therapist, she has made me believe that having sex might actually be a good way to get pg. Wow. That’s a new idea. But then again that would mean that you actually have to have sex, which has been nonexistent for a long while. Maybe I should just give it a try. Then I could start the game of making myself believe that a miracle would have happened. The question still is if I really even want to do this. Sure, it would be much easier than going through yet another IVF, but who am I kidding: I’ve never been pg after just having sex.

I really just want to have that one try we have left. But it has been postponed once again. For now it seems that I’ll be going to Cambridge next month right about when I would be taking stims and having frequent appointments with that lovely u/s wand. Just great. I just want to get on with it, but then again if I wanted it so bad I would have said no and not agreed to take the trip. I don’t get/have to travel a lot. I would not want to travel often, but every now and then it is actually refreshing.


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