Swim, come on now, swim!

I really do not know if this is actually true or not, as I find it hard to believe that someone would actually show this on TV… But if it is true it’s just another example of reality shows gone too far. You know I do like to watch Survivor and Amazing Race, because the people who participate know the rules beforehand and nobody is deliberately tricked. There are some others I can watch, but many are just absolute junk.

Ok, back to the one I linked to. This article leads you to believe that a real egg is being used, but some other sites state it’s just a chemical that makes the sperm believe there is an egg. I can’t imagine that they could find a woman that would donate for this kind of a show. It makes me sick just to think about it. It’s a bit less revolting if just the chemical is being used. Hell, I have no idea on how the sperm actually find the egg. To come to think of it, despite a whole lot of knowledge in the field of reproduction, I do not know this. I mean there must be something luring the sperm to the egg, or is it really just that if there is enough of sperm swimming around one will eventually collide with the egg?

Yeah, and see the prize: a red Porsche. What a big surprise! Could there even be a more obvious choice? Did you dimwits ever even consider the feelings of those men that have zero sperm? What’s the point of this show anyway? They won’t even show the men in the collecting room, how are we supposed to know they are not swapping samples behind the closed doors? I demand to see it all!


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