Not too great

Yeah. Might have guessed it. Now that my colleague is on sick leave they dumped all his appointments to my calendar. And gave me a ton of files to update. By Monday. Shit.

And I’m not feeling too good myself. Physically, I mean. By now it should be clear that my mental state is a quite another story! I know I haven’t blogged about it and have been concentrating on the mental side of things, but the truth is that I’m feeling sick and have been for some time now. What is really freaking me out now is because I heard what my colleague is having, it’s sarcoidosis. I know they say it is not contagious, but you know how your mind plays tricks on you.

As I’ve told you, I have been going to zone therapy for a while now. And she keeps telling me that she can feel my lungs and asks every time if I’ve had cough. No, no cough, but a funny feeling somewhere around there. And my sinuses just refuse to clear up. And I have to clear my throat every morning and often during the day, too. And now my eyes are red all the time and feel so dry. My head hurts, too.

But I do not want to go to see a doc. I hate docs. And I know that if I go with these symptoms they probably just think I’m a pain in the ass with the flu. And going to see a GP means they will probably not even know what to do and won’t take the tests they should. I don’t think it’s going to be a great idea to walk in there and demand an x-ray of my chest.

On the other hand I’m starting to think that starting my last IVF while not feeling healthy is like throwing it in the sewer. Absolutely no chance of it succeeding. So I’d need to know before starting. Oh dear. Maybe I’ll have to get myself an appointment


2 responses to “Not too great

  1. Go to the doc and get some antibiotics. Your obviously a little run down and need some help. He might give you some percosets while you are there.

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