Totally random post

Do you think I should come up with a name for my doc? It seems to be really common in the blog world to have some kind of a name for your doc. Besides, I’m not expecting to see her too many times anymore. I mean one for baseline u/s, two follie checks, retrieval and transfer. Would you mind if I called my doc just doc?

So I’m not having anything real to write about. Everything is boring as usual. Or maybe this is the calm before the next storm. I can’t believe this can last for long. I’m still thinking about going riding, but I’m not really sure about it. It would be fun, but it’s been years since I last tried.

It is also quite fun to sit here all alone, as my only colleague has been sick for a week now. And is not expected to come back for another. I should be doing all kinds of stuff but can’t quite talk myself into actually doing it. I’m just afraid that this will all one day blow up on my face. Well, there is always that last minute. Nothing would ever get done if it didn’t exist.

And the day is getting closer when I have to decide whether I’ll be starting the IVF on the next cycle. I really don’t know. Part of me wants to do it but the other part is still hesitant. And there is that business trip thing, too. I probably could do the cycle even if I had to go. Has anybody flown with needles? Do they let you board the plane with them? I can’t risk losing them with my luggage, so I’d want to carry them with me.


One response to “Totally random post

  1. I don’t have a cool name for my doctor. I always just refer to her as my RE in my posts. I say call your doctor whatever the hell you feel like.As far as flying with needles goes, I’ve never done it but have heard that it’s really not a big deal at all. Just make sure to have either the original prescription or a note from your doctor, and you should be fine.Good luck deciding when to cycle again. I know there’s never a good time to be going about this IVF business, but I hope you can find a time that you’re at least semi comfortable with.

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