It really could be worse

Ok. So today I’m deciding to take a positive angle on all this. It could all be worse!

1. Job. Well, at least I have one. Sure, it might not be what I really wanted to do, but they are still paying me (a little) every month to do it. With that money I can buy food and clothes and sometimes even something just for fun. The job could be even worse, at least now I’m n a job that matches my training. And the pay is more than many women make even though it is low compared to what I’d make in a private owned company.

2. The house. At least it gives me a roof over my head. Sure, it’s small and inconvenient and ancient, but I’m not homeless. I have a warm place to sleep in. There is electricity and running (hot) water and a toilet, so I don’t have to freeze my butt in the winter. I’ve tried that, and exposing your behind to take a leak when it’s -30C is not something I’d like to do often!

3. DH. Well, even this could be worse. At least he is not physically abusing me. Not that I would stay for one second if he did. Yes, Bugs, thanks for asking, I’m afraid of what would happen if I left. I’m pretty sure I’d be better off with just DS, but that is clearly not an option here. He would never just let it happen, so I can see us in court in a custody battle. Not something I want to get into if I can avoid it somehow. I don’t think there would be much chance of me losing the battle, but it would most likely be a horrible process.

4. IF. This is not something you’d want to have, but I’m otherwise considered healthy. I have all my limbs, I can see and hear, I have no other major illnesses. Some days I can almost forget that I can’t get pregnant. It would be much harder to forget a wheelchair.

5. DS. This one is pretty much self explanatory. He makes my days worth living. Surely it seems that I used up all my luck in getting him, but I would not change that for anything. It could have been worse if they picked the wrong embie. They transferred two, only one took.


One response to “It really could be worse

  1. Looking at life from this aspect is a sign your starting to cheer up. Pity we have to look to the worse case scenario to feel grateful for what we have.As for DH, I just consolled a freind last night who is thinking of leaving her husband. I tried not to offer a solution either way but she is tired if him saying “At least I don’t hit you” when asked to improve. What is that supposed to say? She is a selfish cow for wanting a giving husband? Pleeese!

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