Educating the world on moron at a time

Yeah, well, do you think that my colleagues now have an idea that I might have some personal insight on ART? This is what happened yesterday at the coffee table: We somehow ended up talking about twins. At that point I just knew that someone will mention that those eeevil hormone treatments cause multiples. But it was only after someone mentioned triplets that one of them stated that ART causes multiples. You could almost see the steam coming from my ears at that point. I could not let it pass. I was trying to choose my words carefully as I did not want to say why I know so much about things.

So I said that you know, it really depends on the method used. Well, it does. This part I did not say out loud, but unmonitored cycles of Clomid can very well produce high order multiples. When doing an IUI with Clomid or injectables you can not be absolutely sure how many eggs will be released, so multiples are possible. But when doing IVF you can be absolutely sure of how many you transfer.

I told them that the doctors here in Finland are really careful with these. That many of them consider even twins as a failure because of all the possible complications, so triplets really are not a desired outcome but considered a grand error. What I did not tell them is how I know these things. I’ve had to fight several docs in getting them to transfer even two embies back. I still remember it clearly how the other docs at the clinic I was going to then were appalled by the fact that I had had two great quality embies transferred at one time. Well I’m so glad they did, and I refuse to think about the alternative: transferring just the wrong one and not having DS now. One doctor even told me once that what’s the point of having twins if they are both disabled. I’m just so glad I do not have to see her ever again. I hated her.

I did also say that things are different elsewhere in the world. I also told them that there are procedures to reduce the number of fetuses if necessary. That seemed to be a bit too much for them – so I thought that was education enough for one time. Let’s see if anyone is brave enough to bring the subject up again…

So do you think they know now?


One response to “Educating the world on moron at a time

  1. I dont think its fair that Dr’s put us on the guilt trip about multiples & disabilities when we are clearly more concerned about actually getting pregnant at that stage. I am still going to push for two even though I have lost twins. I have had 9 transfers that resulted in a negative, 4 of them single embryo. I just cannot keep going down this track if its a numbers game with me.

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