Brush. I need a brush.

Does anybody know how to empty my sinuses?? I need to find a brush or something so I can get out whatever it is that is lurking there. I need a bottle brush I can fit in there. There has been something for a long time, and it’s about time it comes out. And please do not suggest I get them punctured, I’m not going to the doctor unless it is my last option. I see enough doctors with this infertility thing.

And boy do those areas hurt when I’m going to the therapy. Many of the other areas have given up a lot, but not those… I’m still screaming like there is no tomorrow when she reaches my toes. And I suspect I’m feeling them so well today is the fact I saw her yesterday. Despite the fact that a certain someone thinks I’m doing something entirely different during that time. I did not quit going, I’m just no longer telling him I’m going. I’ll go if I want to, and that’s it. But she did not give me the all clear just yet. So it looks like I’m postponing my cycle once again. Just as well, gives me more time to think. And yet another thing has come up, I might have to go on a business trip before Easter and I was thinking about doing the cycle then. So if the trip becomes a reality it means I won’t be cycling until after Easter. But we’ll see.


One response to “Brush. I need a brush.

  1. I know how you feel about going to the doctor. We see far too much of our doctors when we are cycling so bringing ourselves to see a doctor for anything else is exhausting!Hope you start to feel better! Get well soon 🙂

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