Another month, another AF

I’m so wiped out. Going to birthday parties is hard work, you know. So we were gone form our home this weekend, and I feel more tired today than I felt Friday. I just want to go home and sleep. But I really should at least try to clean the mess at least little. Not my idea of fun…

And the bitch made another visit. A weird one I might add. I was expecting to see more blood this time, as the therapy is supposedly improving blood flow to the uterus. Yeah, right. This was one light AF, even for me, and believe when I say that it has not been really heavy ever. I sometimes just hate my body. It is not performing! Now when we are on a break I want that damned AF to show up regularly and not leave me wondering what happened.

And no, I do not think there is any chance of me being pg. Any blood means that I’m not. Many times the first AF after a failed cycle has been a joke, but any AF means that it was AF. The only time I was pg there was not one drop of blood. But I’m still going to waste one of those HPTs lurking in my closet. At least that will put an end to all this wondering. I’m not really expecting to see a second line, but you know how it is. Your mind is playing those what if –games with you. So I might as well use one because I have some left over from the last cycle.


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