What do I want to do?

Have I told you lately that I do not like my work? Today I have to sit through boring presentations all day. I did not want to go, but they pretty much said I have to. Ugh. I really should be reading for the next exam that is on Friday. I know it’s not going to go well, as I have not read much. It really sucks.

I’d like to try something totally different for a living. I’m bored. But why am I still working here? Well, they do send me money once a month. That is pretty much the reason. If I wanted to start doing something completely different I would have to go to school again. And, as we all know, you do not get paid for going to school! So I’m just waiting to win in the lottery or whatever. Most likely I’ll be doing this until I retire. And it sucks to think about it.


2 responses to “What do I want to do?

  1. One powerball.Perhaps we should run a virtual lotto game for the infertiles. Lets all pick a number and compare how our virtual system XX did in our respective countries lotto draw. If we win, we could mourn something other than our infertility.

  2. Amen, Ankaisa. I absolutely hate my job but it pays the bills and I just don’t feel up to going back to school for a completely different field of study. I chose my major in college because I loved it. Every job I’ve had since graduating has been in my field and every one has been fantastic–wonderful experiences that I am grateful for. But this…hell, this job I have now is killing me, the first job in my field that is a bloody nightmare. I dread going every day and, oh how I want to do something else. Since 2000, I’ve been in a lottery pool with our closest friends. Twice a week we play our numbers along with some quick-picks (#s randomly chosen by the lotto machine)–still waiting to win so I can tell my boss to piss off. Lottery win or not, that day’s coming eventually but man, it can’t get here soon enough. So hang in there girlie and know that there’s at least one other IF gal who’s in employment hell too!

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