New babies are being born into this world

Yeah, well, survived the birthday. Can’t say it was really a happy one, just another boring day.

I don’t know about others, but even though I knew I am not the only baby born on that day I’ve never given much thought to the fact that there are others. So I was not expecting to find others when I found not just one, or two but three people with the same birthday. One of them is even born the same year as I have, and she is Tertia. Never knew that before. Then I found another woman in the Clay message board I go to. Don’t know what year she has been born, as we’re all 12 over there. Or maybe I’m 13 now…

But the third one was born this year. Yes, just few days ago. He is my nephew’s second son. How is it fair that they now have two kids that are both younger than my DS? I just keep thinking that if that one cycle in the spring had been successful, we’d have a new baby by now, too. I’m happy for them, but it still stings. Luckily they do not live near to us, so I’m not expecting to see the baby anytime soon. But I will eventually. And I’m not really looking forward to it! I can somehow handle the visibly pg women I see in the grocery store, but being close to an actual baby would be little too much. They usually come to visit us on Christmas, but I’m hoping they will not travel with new baby this year.

And forget what I said about being calm in my previous post. The weekend showed that I’m still ready to explode, I just need a tiny spark. And I got plenty of them, and blew up more than I care to count. Fun, fun, fun – not.


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