Get a fact checker

We do get a bunch of US TV series here, and one of them is Everwood. I have no idea when this episode was shown in the US, but it really made my blood boil.

Why do they have to make IVF look bad? And please just get the facts straight. This was the episode where a woman was going to have IVF done with his dead husband’s sperm. I mean they really let you do that?? Here no clinic would use any material from someone who is dead. When we sign on a freezing form there is a clause that says you have to notify them if either one dies. Then the remaining embies will be destroyed. Maybe there are clinics that would agree to do it over there, but I do doubt all would.

So she showed up in the doc’s office to explain that some of her monitoring could be done there so she would not have to travel. And then saying something like she is on day 12 of her cycle. Umm, hello? That’s not the way it works! Nobody can be on stims for 12 days before the first check. No. No way.

And then her husbands shows up. No, not the dead one, a new one. And he is not OK with this. So he wants that the doc talks her out of it. Which he eventually does. Come on, who would get this far in a cycle and just quit. And the new husband could have said something a lot earlier! It does not make any sense. Nor does shipping the frozen sperm to the doc’s office. Like they would actually need it there. If it was to be an IVF, then surely retrieval is not going to be in some GP’s office.

But doing it right would not have been good television. It just pisses me off that IVF was once again shown as something unnatural and bad, something you need to be talked out of. Yeah, and no need to go to that clinic so far away, let’s just do it here. It’s not a big deal, anyone with medical training can do it. For some twisted reason I had to watch it, even when I knew from the beginning that it is going to be horrible. Like that one episode if ER where someone was donating eggs and had a bad reaction to the drugs. That really went a long way in getting more egg donors… If I had not known better, I would have thought donating eggs is life threatening and nobody should do it.

So maybe I should remember that any of the other medical stuff they show in TV can be as badly wrong. But many people do not realize it. So I hate every and each one of these stupid episodes. I don’t think I have ever seen one that does not have some bad errors in it. I should just stop watching.


One response to “Get a fact checker

  1. A classic aussie soap opera loved my the english and aussies alike is Home and Away. In one episode one of the more fertile girls decides to donate an “egg” for infertile Sally (of course the male couldnt be sterile). We see her take one injections and bam, by the next episode the egg is ready and ready to be transferred to Sally. That is, just one egg, one needle, no visible operation and one pregnancy. Piss easy.Note that I dont watch this show!

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