Getting older

I really do not have much to write about these days. I’m just waiting to start the next cycle. Or more likely I’m not, I do not even think about it much. I think much more about Christmas than the cycle. I’ll start thinking about the cycle once I get past Christmas. And, well, it is going to be first anyway.

I do like Christmas. I never developed a dislike for it like some infertiles seem to do. Then again we usually never got cute baby pictures with Christmas cards or stories about how little Jenny or whatever has grown so much! And no babies in immediate family, so no seeing babies during the holidays either. I just got to eat well and sit by the tree in the dark with only the candles burning. I really do like it. And it is really different with DS in the house. It’s going to be a loooong wait!

But first I will have to survive yet another birthday. Yuk. The first 20 or so were nice, but not anymore. Just another reminder that another year has passed and nothing has happened. Still no siblings. Yeah, it sucks. A week from now and I’m definitely over 35. I’ll be 36. I don’t want to!!


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