Flu and Fathers day

It seems that I just got over the last flu and now I’m having another! I can’t believe this. The worst part of this is that I always lose my voice. And that is bad because I should go and give another day of lectures on Wednesday. I do not want to move it again, I really, really don’t. I’ve been there two times so far and both of them had to be moved. I can’t possibly ask them to move it again. So now I have two days to get my voice back.

It was Fathers day here yesterday. Yes, now. Not in the summer but now. It seems that the storekeepers managed to move it here, because this time of year is usually slow in trade. Well, they got what they wanted. So we are having Fathers day on the second Sunday of November. We went to see my parents and to a restaurant to eat. It was nice, although the service was horrible there. It seemed like there were way too few waiters, so everything was quite slow. Some of the drinks we ordered never came!

Luckily there were no babies there, only older kids. They do not bother me much, as I do have DS. So there is a reason to celebrate this day, and I refused to think that there really could be other reasons as well. And it really kind of helped that my head seems to be full with all this sneezing, no room for any extra thoughts. I can just concentrate on getting through the day, not to worry about tomorrow so much.


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